Storytelling has nothing to do with children and I agree it needs a different name. But, I do a lot of storytelling. I co-host and co-produce a show, Radio Picture Show, the second Wednesday of every  month at The Virgil in LA.  We ask our guests to incorporate either a song or a picture into the telling of their stories. It makes for an impressive lineup of creative multimedia performances. My very talented co-host, Shauna McGarry, and I both tell stories at every show, too.

Radio Picture Show was named a TimeOut LA Pick of the Week. We were featured in this interview. And also this interview with YAY!LA Magazine. We were included in this TimeOut LA list, too. Plus LA Weekly, 5Everyday and etc. and more...

I perform regularly at other storytelling shows in LA and NY, including Hello Giggles, Risk!, The Nights of Our Lives, Eat Your Words, The Moth and etc. and more...

If you can't make it to a show, here are a few stories I've recorded at live storytelling shows:

RISK! Podcast - About the time I went to a wedding with a stranger I met on Craigslist, Casual Encounters.

Another RISK! Podcast - About #TheLoveButt. And also, my butt.

Ep. 2 of the Radio Picture Show Podcast - About the time I almost died running The Chicago Marathon.