• Kurt Braunohler and I wrote and performed a short play called "The Haunting" as part of The Artist Room series at The Washington Square Hotel in NYC on Oct. 29 & 30, 2016. It was a huge hit and we hope to perform it again in LA.

  • I recorded a story for KCRW's UnFictional. It's about my dysfunctional relationship with a psychic. Listen here.

  • I recorded a story for RISK! at their first live show at The Bell House. It's about #TheLoveButt and also my butt. Listen here.

  • The L.A.zy River!  This was big. Against all odds, we celebrated that little boy El Nino in the best way possible: by having a Tube Race down the Los Angeles River. Check out our our site for all the law-breaking details.

  • Wedlock is a VERY PERSONAL (too personal?) relationship podcast I record with my husband, Kurt Braunohler. We are developing this as a show for Audible, but in the meantime, listen to these episodes on The K-Ohle:

Wedlock #1 - What does it mean to be married? Why do it? Plus awkward details of my walking in on Kurt masturbating weeks after we tied the knot.

Wedlock #2 - We take on the challenge to have sex every day for a month, then tell the story of the time we both had bedbugs and got caught having sex at my boss' house. 

Wedlock #3 - We get stranded in the rain after a 4-mile hike up a mountain, break into an emergency hikers’ station, start a fire and record a podcast about MARRIAGE.

Wedlock #4 - We answer listener questions and do our best to give solid advice.

Get Lost #88 - We drive cross country for the third time. Things get weird in Roswell.

  • I co-host and co-produce a live storytelling show called Radio Picture Show at The Virgil in LA on the second Wednesday of every month. We get the best guests and the best audience. It's something I'm very proud to be a part of so you should trust me and come to a show. More info on The Storytelling Page.

  • I am in a lot of commercials, comedy shorts and web series. I've posted a few of my favorites on the Video Page.

  • I have a one-woman show, Chinatown Bust, that I performed at The Comedy Central Stage, UCBLA Franklin and The Loft Ensemble, as part of their annual Solofest. I'll be performing it again soon. 

Chinatown Bust is a comedic, multi-character solo-show about a hypochondriac, daddy issues and Boy George…all on a Chinatown Bus. Darting back and forth between flashbacks and a miserable bus ride, this show tells the true story of a father - daughter reunion through the eyes of everyone except the father and daughter.

  • I recorded another podcast, about LYME DISEASE. I have Lyme and it sucks. I recorded a podcast to help spread the word. Listen to it here.